Apr 22

Safety in human-robot collaboration

by Fotis Dimeas and Keerthi Sagar

Collaborative robots or ‘сobots’ are a class of robots specifically developed to enable direct physical human-robot interaction. This is a paradigm shift from the traditional robots working in cages with total isolation from humans. The primary focus in сobots are their safety features which make them an ideal solution for direct deployment as a plug and play system in many automation scenarios...

Apr 05

The importance of ergonomics in human-robot collaboration

by Gavriela Senteri

Have you ever had a discussion with your friends on how robots are here to replace humans and “steal” their jobs? Well, the answer here is that robots are currently used in industry to support workers and not replace them. The collaboration between humans and robots will not lead to a society of robots and unemployed people, but to a society of specialized people that collaborate efficiently to robots ...

Mar 24

Collaborating with mobile robots

by Gizem Gökçer

A mobile robot is a vehicle that can move autonomously around from place to place to achieve a defined goal. Mobile robots especially have a great usage area in the smart manufacturing facilities. They are generally used in industrial fields for transforming materials, delivery of tools and components around the production area...

Mar 11

How robots are changing the job market

by Radu Cirligeanu

Have you ever watched sci-fi films in which humans are surrounded by robots, and the robots are so human-like that it becomes difficult to say which one is which? I think we all did, at some point. We watched and wondered if this was really possible in the future or if it was only the stream of the imagination of a gifted person. It would be extremely difficult to draw a line between what is and what is not possible in the next ten to twenty years from a robotics’ perspective. Instead, we can show what is possible today and try to explain why nowadays robots look so different from the ones we are all used to seeing in the cinema productions ...

Feb 22

Programming robots by demonstration

by Zoe Doulgeri, Fotis Dimeas and Sylvain Calinon

Nowadays there is a trend towards a shorter product life cycle, where the industries run production for just a few months. Using industrial robots instead of hard automation is a way to achieve this. However, collaborative robots have much more potential to further increase the flexibility of production, and one of the reasons for this is robot programming by demonstration ...

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