ERF2021 Workshop on Human-Robot Collaboration & AI for Sustainable Production


Together with the FELICE project, CoLLaboratE is organizing a workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2021 (ERF2021), which will be held online 13-15 April 2021.

The workshop deals with the Human Robot Collaboration and AI for Sustainable Production. The focus is on the aspect of “sustainability” in Production and the role of Robots and AI, especially how can the hybrid combination of humans and robots (with embodied AI) can work together for a sustainable production.

When considering production scenarios, efficiency and productivity of Human robot collaboration and its application were dealt with quite extensively. However, human robot collaboration and its application for a sustainable production has been dealt only marginally.

This workshop with the ERF 2021 as its venue aims to open the dialogue between participants from industry and academia to discuss the current challenges pertaining to sustainability in Production, possible solutions with hybrid human robot collaborative teams to solve the challenges.

The speakers (from industry and academia) will shed light on the existing challenges, detail success stories and pave way for the interactive discussion with the audience.

Invited Speakers:

  • Prof. Joachim Hertzberg, DFKI
  • Dr. Tuomas J Lukka, Technical Director HipCode
  • Dr. Francesco Longo, CALTEK
  • Dr. Massimo Di Pardo, CRF
  • Dr. Manolis Lourakis, FORTH

Organizers of the workshop:





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